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5 Reason's why OFW mother's shouldn't feel guilty for choosing to work abroad!

Hi there. Are you a mom? A working mom in abroad? Really? Me too.. Can I ask you something? Do you feel guilty for leaving your kids to your spouse, grand-parents or relatives? Surely your answer would be yes. Of course I know how you feel. I've been there too.



Were you able to witness your baby's first word or first step?  Were you present in their first day in school, first recital and first communion?  And were you able to greet your kids personally in their birthday's or any special days in their lives? 
If your answer is 'yes', then you are so fortunate to do it all. And to those who answer 'no', you are not alone. We are many. Perhaps, you feel so guilty for being unable to witness your kid's milestones. I knew it. Being a mother, we can't help to feel guilty. However, you should abandon that. Don't let yourself suffer from this classic working mother's guilt trip.

I will tell you 5 reason's why you should stop feeling guilty:

1.  YOU ARE  AN EMPOWERED WOMAN - Choosing to work abroad will not guarantee that you will have a good fortune. It is indeed a tough decision but you are brave enough to take risks and you work hard to make sure that those risks pay off. You are an empowered woman because you are in control of your life, you are determined and fearless regardless of the downsides of your actions.

2. FEMALE POWER IN THE WORKFORCE - There were more females than males among the OFW's according to the survey of Philippine Statistics Authority(PSA). Needless to say, most numbers of that females are mothers. The rapid increase of women in the workforce is arguably the most significant change in the past century. See, we are millions of mother's who chose to work abroad.

3YOU ARE A GOOD PROVIDER TO YOUR FAMILY - Poverty in the Philippines is rampant. It is actually everywhere or anywhere in the world. In fact this is the primary reason why many of the parent's are leaving the country to seek job abroad. And if happens that the father of the family is unable to support the family financially, hence, we mother's are obliged to shoulder that responsibility. That is why we are here in abroad because we just can't let our kids to die in hunger.

4. YOU RAISE A MORE INDEPENDENT KIDS - Kids having OFW parents has its pro's and cons. But let's not talk about the dis-advantages, we already knew it.  The studies shows that  most of the kids who have parents in abroad grew up to be very independent. Also, they grew up being more responsible with their actions.

5. YOU ARE A MOTHER - As the saying goes 'A mother is always a mother'. We aren't perfect. And we shouldn't be. Don't punish yourself with thoughts of how terrible mother you are. Okay, you leave your kids in Philippines, your conscience hit you and you think it is something not to be proud of, but then forgive yourself. You need to constantly remind yourself that you are a mother, and your love for your kids is a sum of selfless love, sacrifices and dedication.

Lastly, 'STOP FEELING SO GUILTY'. Let go of that guilt feelings, accept the fact that due to some circumstances we are asked to sacrifice in order to give our child a brighter future.  Tell to yourself "You are doing amazing". And your kids will turn out just fine despite of the years you spend away from them.

Thank you.

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