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Having a long-distance relationship with your kid's is crucial. It is hardly to monitor your child 24/7 due to time difference and distance barrier. Even though communication is a bit easier nowadays because of modern technologies that we had but it still not easy to reach out your kids in Philippines in a regular basis. But as a parent, we have to look for way's on how we can show our love to our kids from afar.

I am a long distance parent too. I know how extra-challenging it is to maintain a healthy long-distance parent child relationship. For year's I am constantly struggling If how can i be a best parent from a distance. That is why, I've come up with this '5 way's to show long-distance love to your kid's'.

1.STAY IN TOUCH- This is not always easy due to time differences between countries but more than ever, today is more easy to communicate with your family. Communication is the best way to show your long-distance love to your children, for you to be updated of what is happening in your child's life. If you cannot do it in a daily basis,contact them at least once in a week during your off from work. Ask from them when is a good time to contact them during the week or during you day off.

2.SEND SOME GIFT PACKAGES- The thoughtful gesture will make the children's happy. These simple act of gesture's will brighten your kid's day. They need not be the expensive items. Any kind of gifts either its small or big items as long as its from you, surely kids will love it. By doing this you are also sending your love to them. But don't spoil your kids by sending gifts so often. At least do it occasionally.

3.MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TIME- If you had the time to communicate to your child,make sure to make the most out of it. Try to be more enthusiastic and positive throughout your conversation with her/him. Rest assured you want your short time with them to be impeccable as possible, I know your child, does too.

4.DON'T FORGET IMPORTANT DATES- Because of your busy schedules you tend to forget some important dates like graduation or birthdays. But you should not! If you are a forgetful person, set an alarm or mark the special dates in your calendar. Let them know that you remember them on their special day.

5. BE PRESENT EVEN YOU ARE NOT- Confused? Lets put it into words, Do you agree that distance doesn't separate people? I, myself agree with this, Yes,distance will keep us apart from our child but a parent's great love is more than the distance. And by putting extra effort and a constant communication, they will feel that we are present even we are not.

To summarize it, an open communication is the best important way to show our long distance love to our kids. We may separated by distance but our love for them is inseparable.

Thank you.

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