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Hello Online World

Hi, This is my official first blog post.


First of all, let me say thank you for popping up in my site. Of course you are here co'z you want to know more about me. And because i am a person who has a lot to say, for sure this space won't be enough.

But i don't want you to get bored by reading my page, so let me get straight to the point. I will give all the details you ought to know.

Let me get started from telling a brief story of who i am.


I am Bryxian, born and raised in Camarines Sur, one of the provinces located in Bicol Region.

A brief Description of my place- Bicol Region best known for being the home of World's largest fish- the whale shark and the Mayon Volcano, which considered to be the Most Perfect Volcanic cone because of it's shape. Also Bicol is known for popular dishes with coconut milk, like Bicol Express, Pinangat, laing and many more.

A Happy Family- I belong to a poor yet profoundly happy family. I have ten wonderful siblings, 2 boy's and 8 girl's. 

And i am the eldest among the siblings. That is why i told you we were a happy family, you wouldn't imagine how riot and happy it is to have ten siblings plus my parent's in one small house. My parent's earned a living by selling different Filipino sweet delicacies.

I had the best childhood memories, best family and few good friends.

Then, I went to college, i took up BS Accountancy, but only for 3 semesters. Due to financial problem, I was not able to finish it. Afterward's I made a living to support myself and my family. I worked on several jobs but because of 'contractualization' in Philippines, I never had a chance to get a permanent job.

Years passed, I had my own family and blessed to be a mother of two cute little boy's. They are my 'mini me's' - the small version's of myself. Like me they are also adorable and charmingšŸ˜…. They are my biggest source of inspiration and they are the one's who brought me here.

At present I am an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in Kuwait working as a kid's gym Receptionist and so far I am enjoying my job playing with children. Choosing to work abroad is a life changing decision for me and my family. It was never been an easy journey and it will never be easy. But through the years of being an OFW, along with the failures and struggles, I am now an empowered woman who is not afraid to be judged by others. 

Oh I'm getting so cheesy now, So I will go back to my storytelling, so when I was in High School, i had so much interest in writing. I used to joined in most of the writing contests in our school, either it's writing poem, editorial or essay. I had this dream before to be a famous writer someday. But things changed as i get older, I have to focus on parenting my kids and make a living. 

I recall during my school years i was able to write poems, essay and more. Also i wrote some short love stories which is of course only for myself and friends to read. Well, maybe because they were my friend's they said it was ok, it was nice and they were impressed. 

Now I am starting all over again, I believe that everyone can write, but the real fact is that not everyone can be an author, only few are gifted to born with the pen in their hand's with overflowing words in their mouth. I had wished that i am like them who has natural flair of words and able tow write easily. But i could learn. I must work for it. Besides i am just a newbie in blog writing and i know i must invest my time and effort in researching, reading and studying whatever i am lacking. Needless to say, i have poor grammar skills, but it wont stop me from achieving my goal. 

I had always desire and passion in writing and no one could stop me from believing that someday i could be one of the great writers in the world. It will be a tough journey and there is no assurance that i will meet my goal in the end. But I believe that nothing is impossible when you work hard on it.

I am a great believer of hard work, that in the end your hard work will pay off.

The more barriers i will meet along the way, the more i want to achieve my writing goals. 

I am saying this not only to motivate myself but however to inspire you that it is never too late to be the person who you really want to be. If you want something badly then you have to work for it. 

That's for now, thank you for reading. I hope your mindset is like mine. Be inspired everyday.


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