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Get to know about OWWA and its benefits

It is no longer secret that OFWs plays a key role in making the Philippine economy afloat through our billions remittances every year. With that, OFWs are considered to be the backbone of our economy. In return, our government is protecting the welfare of all OFWs across the globe through OWWA or Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.


What is OWWA?

OWWA or Overseas Workers Welfare is an agency managed by DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment. It is an agency that dedicated to protect the safety and well-being of overseas workers both sea-based and land based. 
 OWWA  is present in 3 stages of migration
  • Pre-Departure
  • On site
  • Upon Arrival
Before leaving the country OWWA educates the first-time workers about what to expect in working overseas. On site OWWA take assist of any concerns of OFWs regarding their employers. And upon arrival  OWWA extend their help to returning OFWs by offering livelihood training and programs.

OWWA provides guidance, legal assistance, outreach program and social counceling in all OFW members in abroad.

How can be an OWWA member?

Before leaving the country, every agencies and employers are mandated to register the overseas workers in OWWA in the purpose of  their welfare and their beneficiaries. So if you leave the country legally you are already a member of OWWA.

Requirements for OWWA membership:

For OFWs who wish to apply or renew his/her membership in with the OWWAs on-site membership program shall be submitted the following to POLO.
  • Duly accomplished OWWA OSMP Information Sheet
  • Proof of employment such as carte legitimacion, signed employment contract/offer, pay slip, company identification card
  • Copy of passport showing photo and personal data
  • It cost US$25.00 membership fee to be paid in cash.

How long before OWWA membership expires?

The member of OWWA is covered for 2 years after the membership has to be renewed. It is necessary to renew OWWA membership or else if something happened to OFW in abroad, their dependents in Philippines will not get anything.

Benefits of OWWA

Every active OWWA member must know that they are eligible to all the benefits of OWWA. And these are the following:
  • SOCIAL BENEFITS - Under this are Death benefits, Disability and Dismemberment benefits and Burial Benefits. An active member is covered of this benefits for the duration of his employment contract.

  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR DEPENDENTS - OWWA  member dependents are entitled to avail this program, subject to a selection process and accreditation of participating institutions.

  • REPATRIATION PROGRAMS- It is a program for OFWs who wish to go back in Philippines. OWWA gives assistance to distressed overseas workers by providing Airport assistance, temporary shelter at the OWWA Halfway House and, for  provision to their travel back to their provinces.

  • REINTEGRATION PROGRAM- It consist of economic and psycho-social components. The economic component is helping returning OFWs  and their families through livelihood opportunities with the partnership of Land Bank of the Philippines. It aims to support enterprise development among migrant workers and their families as an alternative to overseas employment. And psycho-social component is organizing program for returning OFWs and their families such as counseling, stress debriefing and training on capacity building, and others.

OFWs are one of  the great achievers of the country and our government took a step to protect every Filipino migrant workers all over the globe.  

To know more about OWWA visit their website

And to OFWs in Kuwait for more information about OWWA please see

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